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About Kathryn

Hi there and welcome!!!

My name is Kathryn (Katie) Norbeck and I am excited to be able to capture the special moments of your day or family. My focus is on recording details, moments and the timeless elegance of your day in a relaxed and natural style. I also enjoy photographing those in between moments of "posing" pictures, that capture  the genuine behaviors of children or adults.

I am located in the small, quiet town of West Grove, Pennsylvania, within Chester County. I have enjoyed photographing everything from the countless stuffed animals (Cabbage Patch kids included) between my sister and I since I was eight years old to my own children, who are now in the double digits. I enjoy all types of music (my boys hate it when I "perform" for them in the car line at school). I love Halloween (yes, I still dress up), ice cream, football, lacrosse, anything Disney and long runs, When I don't have my camera in my hand, you will find me at my school district working with children, parents and teachers as a School Psychologist.

I love that photography allows me to create and preserve the special moments in a family's life. I'd be honored to be a part of capturing a bit of your story.  If you feel you have a connection to my approach and my work I'd love to chat details with you!

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